Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Christmas Prayer for 2017

When the rhetoric is vile and spewing forth hate

Fill my heart with love, my mouth kind words to relate


When characters are threatened by accusations

Keep my tongue from promoting the declarations


When news blares of another sniper with a gun

May my sheath, sword, and shield be your majestic Son


When I encounter neighbors burdened and in need

Grant me the blessing to give, not withhold in greed


When humankind divides by status, creed, and race

Help me pursue common ground, guide me by your grace


When conflict and confusion never seem to cease

Make me wise so that I might facilitate peace


When a brother has no one on whom to depend

Cause me to be silent, listen, and be a friend


When loneliness and despair threaten to destroy

Bring me hope, that encouragement I might employ


When I see people broken by sins frustration

Give me boldness to share knowledge of salvation


When they grapple in darkness unguided by sight

Let my life and voice become a beacon of light


When people doubt Bible truth and implication

Allow me patience for a gospel conversation


When stilled in weariness from our earthly story

Deliver heavens hope from the Lord of glory.


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